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Architecting a Divine Redesign

The Christian music industry is booming. Take this video by popular artist Chris Tomlin, for example: it has over 32 million views. Each month, millions of Christian music fans, musicians, and pastors visit the Worship Together website to discover the latest in Christian music and access resources for musicians and professionals.

Pastors are looking to inspire their congregations, musicians might need sheet music, and music fans are hoping to stream their favorite songs right now. With such an avid user base, the team at Worship Together saw an opportunity to foster greater engagement through an improved website experience. So Worship Together reached out to the digital team at The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG), which includes outstanding UI and UX design services, to make it happen. As a member of that team, I would like to share some of the key ways we transformed the customer experience.

The best things in life are free.

One of the first tasks of the redesign was to encourage visitors to sign up for a free Worship Together account. We worked with the Worship Together team to clearly define the value behind becoming a member: access to free charts, lyrics, and song downloads each week. The new website augments membership with features such as allowing members to personalize their experience by integrating their favorite streaming music player and saving favorite songs to prepare for worship services at their local congregation.

Getting Mobile-First Right

Traffic on Worship Together is overwhelmingly from mobile devices, so the new design focused first on looking and working great in mobile. We added album art to bring visual interest to the site, and we introduced tabbed layouts so users can quickly toggle between popular, recently added, or favorite songs on small screens. Also, searching for that favorite Chris Tomlin interview is easier than ever with intelligent autocomplete, which shaves precious seconds and clicks. We even learned that artists often use the site onstage from a phone or tablet, so we created a special dark mode to make it easier to view chords and lyrics under stage lighting.

Driving Deeper Engagement

Worship Together is so much more than streaming music. Podcasts, interviews with emerging artists, and other resources to uplift and inspire are released daily on the website. Thanks to the latest Umbraco content management system, the Worship Together team now pushes fresh content more often and more easily, strengthening the relationship with millions of visitors and 275,000 active churches preparing worship services each week.