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How to Create Strong Brand Positioning In Your Market, Ziply

Partnering with The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG), Ziply Fiber went about the not-so-small task of launching a world-class digital experience when it acquired Northwest customers from Frontier Communications. The new online home of the Ziply Fiber brand is based on the simple idea that fast and reliable internet should be the norm, and that the process of getting it should be easy, customer-centric, and responsive.

“We believe that in today’s day and age, access to the internet is right up there on the importance scale with electricity and running water,” said Harold Zeitz, CEO of Ziply Fiber. “And, as a company that’s focused on refreshingly great service, we want everyone to have the best possible connected experience, no matter what they want to do online.” features bright and saturated colors to convey the fun, creative, and approachable nature of the brand. The website is a modern and mobile-friendly experience that is accessible to all. “It was critically important to us that the website had an intuitive customer experience,” said JB Williams, VP of marketing at Ziply Fiber, “and that includes service options, quick checkout, and education about Ziply’s mission to offer an easier and more reliable internet experience.”

But there was an additional challenge when creating the Ziply website: how to make that brand experience consistent across four different audiences (residential, small business, enterprise, and wholesale customers). A unified brand voice is heard across the site, while purchase paths are tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. The website guides users so they can quickly check service options, request services, learn about Ziply, and find exactly what they need.

With customers waiting at the door, a successful website launch was imperative and required smart coordination between multiple agency partners. On May 1, was there with a warm welcome for customers ready for a better experience.