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T-Mobile lives in the hypercompetitive wireless industry, so survival mandates top-tier marketing. Since the ascent of CEO John Legere in 2012, the magenta-hued company has dialed it up substantially with disruptive moves and industry-shaking campaigns. The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) has been a partner through it all, consulting on e-commerce and retail strategy and implementing digital campaigns across channels. T-Mobile has seen astonishing success, driven by a bold vision and aided by a strong digital partnership with GLG.

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The Challenge

Since 2007, GLG has been tapped to bring a series of transformations to life on T-Mobile.com, in 2,800 T-Mobile retail stores nationwide, and in how T-Mobile attracts and acquires change-making employees. The brand is continuously evolving, and connecting with ever-demanding consumers and superstar employees takes an integrated, highly skilled team.

The Insight

The first order of business in making an outsized impact is to outsmart the competition. So when T-Mobile airs commercials during the Super Bowl that drive millions of people to its website, the technology backbone of that experience should be flawless. Or when T-Mobile wants to distribute content by region or device to over 9,000 screens in retail stores nationwide, the technology delivery system must be able to handle that, daily.

The Approach

At GLG, our approach to supporting a client as vast and innovative as T-Mobile is to be all in. Teams at GLG are committed 24/7 to delivering whatever it takes to beat the competition at every device launch and Black Friday / Cyber Monday juggernaut. We get pumped up about it. We also get fired up about doing it smarter every time by analyzing key performance data and metrics. That knowledge informs user experience (UX) refinements, e-commerce purchase paths, in-store digital displays, and how employees and potential employees are responding to communications on social and other channels.

Moving the Needle

T-Mobile is the envy of the wireless industry in terms of growth and marketing innovation. Since the first quarter of 2013, subscriber growth is nearly four times that of Verizon and AT&T during the same period, and Sprint is now a distant fourth. We’re proud to have played a part in that integrated effort, project by project and campaign by campaign. And we know there is much, much more to do.

20% cost savings in device lead generation
220 retail content deployments per quarter
796 website transactions per second
27% decrease in bounce rate on T-Mobile Careers site

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