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GLG helps Philips Healthcare reach healthcare professionals on new platforms with a memorable and engaging digital experience.

  • 01 of 04 Digital ad video demo.
  • The full page ad. And the beginning of a unique user experience.
    02 of 04 The full page ad. And the beginning of a unique user experience.
  • Interactive 360-degree view of scanning machine.
    03 of 04 Interactive 360-degree view of scanning machine.
  • Embedded video with sound.
    04 of 04 Embedded video with sound.

Philips Healthcare develops innovative solutions across the continuum of care in partnership with clinicians and its customers to improve patient outcomes, provide better value and expand access to care. As part of that, Philips manufactures top-of-class imaging systems used in hospitals and clinics the world over. Not surprisingly, MRIs and CT scanners are high ticket items with long awareness to consideration sales cycles.

GLG produced a multi-page digital ad that runs in digital industry trade magazines. Appearing initially as a single-page ad, the user quickly discovers a much deeper interaction. Leveraging both newly-created and existing assets, we are able to present features and benefits with highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate pop-up modals, videos, 360 degree fly-overs, and photo galleries. To complete the experience, the user is offered the opportunity to connect with Philips for more info, adding a seamless lead-gen aspect to the piece.


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