Mix expertise with a life well lived, and sparks will fly.

At GLG, we bundle our professional and personal experiences and channel them into thinking that’s not just modern, but forward. Not to mention fun.

Tim Garrigan

cofounder and principal

Tim at Large

Tim created four shows for MTV Networks (yes, Tim killed the radio star) and remodeled a house while living in it with his three kids. All survived.

Tim at GLG

Tim’s mission at GLG is to help clients solve their business problems and identify new opportunities. But it all starts with listening—to clients, to their customers, and to GLG’s partners and staff. When he’s heard it all, Tim is ready to rock, and he leverages any and all tools within GLG’s deep resources to make success happen.

Rebecca Armen Lyman

cofounder and principal

Rebecca at Large

Active in board memberships for Advertising and Marketing International Network (AMIN) and the Bellevue Arts Museum, as well as an active member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, Rebecca is also a former Broadway performer (it involved a bird suit) and had an on-camera close-up in Moonstruck.

Rebecca at GLG

Shorthand, history, and trust: these line the pathway to the long-term relationship Rebecca is committed to building with each client. Rebecca’s unmatched work ethic and focus on client service trace back to her days with Pepsi-Cola’s corporate marketing group and have held true through more than two decades as a GLG principal.

Chris "Whitey" Geiser

chief technology officer

Chris at Large

A former punk rock bassist who’s performed at New York’s CBGB, Chris was also an electrician on the CBS Television series Northern Exposure and is an avid cyclist who has summited Mont Ventoux.

Chris at GLG

With an MBA and nearly 20 years of leading technology at GLG, there’s not much Chris can’t do or doesn’t know. Today, he helps our teams orchestrate the many moving parts of successful digital delivery and helps clients prioritize those moving parts to achieve maximum value.

Bryan Cummings

chief creative officer

Bryan at Large

Bryan boasts an iTunes library of 13,742 songs (as of this writing), is an avid cyclist, and prefers Maker’s on the rocks.

Bryan at GLG

From writing for television to telling brand stories in all sorts of media, Bryan brings over 25 years of experience providing creative vision and process acceleration for our teams and clients. He combines a knack for speaking the language of business with an understanding of the DNA of giant ideas.

Cheronne Wong

chief financial officer

Cheronne at Large

Cheronne is a former professional dancer and dance company operator and once flew around a circus ring like Peter Pan.

Cheronne at GLG

Cheronne provides strategic leadership in accounting for GLG and mixes expertise with seasoned collaboration and creativity skills to find solutions that soar for both clients and staff. For Cheronne, great service also includes immense respect for clients’ budgets and developing partnerships that demonstrate exceptional business value.

Jen Peel

executive director of product innovation

Jen at Large

Jen is a backpacking junkie and once stole a neighbor’s horse, corralled it in the garage, and told her parents she found him and was keeping him. She was nine years old at the time.

Jen at GLG

Jen’s role corralling and leading the agency’s digital retail practice is powered by her insatiable curiosity and wide-ranging education and experiences in technology solutions, content creation, and client services. Turning customer insights into retail engagement and sales makes her smile. Big.

Kalie Kimball-Malone

executive creative director

Kalie at Large

Kalie is a student of French and Japanese languages, and a former NYC pop-punk band bass player and singer. Someday she wants to perform the perfect headstand.

Kalie at GLG

Kalie leads a talented team of creative strategists, art directors, and writers all collaborating to turn timeworn creative conventions upside down. For Kalie, it’s all about finding exciting new solutions that bring brands and customers together. With her finger on digital technology, she loves the way storytelling has evolved right along with it.

Aly Prestel

office manager

Aly at Large

An animal lover, Aly is also into Kitchen Aid appliances, pictures of her mom, and (after six months in a body cast as an infant) breathing fresh air.

Aly at GLG

After more than a decade running the GLG office, Aly’s tribal knowledge of both clients and staff runs deep. Her talent is reflected in the smile on every face that comes through the front door. She’s especially satisfied when they leave with a smile, too.

Amy Howard

sr. media strategist

Amy at Large

Pretty good with a wrench, Amy enjoys restoring old cars and working on home DIY projects when she’s not antiquing or traveling.

Amy at GLG

Amy brings a keen eye for trends, a firm grasp of digital media, and specially honed skills in social media strategy to GLG. Amy is also renowned for her all-natural energy (a good thing, being allergic to coffee) and is downright fanatical about creating dialed-in digital and social strategies for our clients.

Eric Parkinson

chief experience officer

Eric at Large

Raised in Mexico City, Eric is a huge soccer fan and enjoys playing the game whenever possible. He’s also a patent holder (think polymers).

Eric at GLG

Eric has been working in digital strategy, customer experience, interaction design, and UX since 1997. He leads and mentors teams of digital and experience strategists and provides strategic and tactical support for major global companies and organizations. Eric’s nearly 20 years of philosophy studies and teachings have given him a unique perspective on strategic problem solving.

Gerry Soroczak

lead delivery manager

Gerry at Large

Gerry is a serious gardener and grower of figs, Asian pears, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and a variety of vegetables and herbs, including hardneck and softneck garlic.

Gerry at GLG

Gerry brings nearly 15 years of digital insight, knowledge, and experience to GLG. As GLG’s lead delivery manager, he drives technical projects forward by providing seamless communication between strategy, UX, design, and development teams to ensure quality delivery.

Jean Zartman

director of customer engagement

Jean at Large

A collector of vintage travel trailers, Jean is also an artist and art studio operator, and a vegetable and flower gardener.

Jean at GLG

After a career in commercial interior design and architecture, Jean shifted her career to marketing and advertising―bringing with her well-honed skills in listening and strategic thinking. At GLG, Jean provides ongoing leadership for building new client relationships, one conversation at a time.

Tara Quist

account director

Tara at Large

Tara enjoys all things Italian, especially in a setting that includes her great friends and family. With three teenagers at home, Tara is willing to travel at a moment’s notice.

Tara at GLG

Tara is passionate about working with clients to help them with identifying business challenges, discovering creative solutions, and meeting strategic objectives while having lots and lots of fun. Her core belief is: “Success is built upon open, trusting, long-lasting relationships.” Just ask any of her clients.

Ella Steere

director of customer engagement

Ella at Large

Ella is up for anything! You can find her running, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and kayaking. If you can’t find her, it’s because she also loves to travel—both in North America and overseas.

Ella at GLG

Like many with an English lit degree, Ella graduated, shrugged her shoulders, and dove head first into the dot-coms. Now, she spends her days establishing new client relationships with a focus in IT and marketing, helping companies bring new technologies to market in new ways they might not have considered. Recently came from IBM and had also worked at Isilon Systems, an EMC company, F5 Networks and early start-up companies.

Beth Finn

business development director

Beth at Large

When Beth isn’t in the office, she’s most likely in a plane, literally, up in the sky. Travel comes with the territory when you’ve got family scattered across the country. And it comes often with a family as lovely as Beth’s.

Beth at GLG

Beth has been passionately pushing brands forward for more than 20 years. In that time, she’s seen all sides of agency life—from account management to product marketing and business development. Today, Beth helps to identify opportunities for businesses across several verticals.

Jeff Backschies

director of technical implementation

Jeff at Large

Jeff is a big-time camper and a big-time fan of certain college sports teams from a big-time school (see below).

Jeff at GLG

Bitten by the digital bug at the University of Nebraska, Jeff creates elegant solutions that connect clients’ immediate needs, which they know all too well, with future considerations they may not even be aware of.

Kristin Lovelady

director of client services

Kristin at Large

An avid baker and cyclist, Kristin also gets exercise from dodging two small (for the moment) boys at home.

Kristin at GLG

Kristin leverages rich digital experience and deep client services skills to build strong customer relationships through quality project delivery and exceptional service. She works with the entire account and project management team to cultivate positive human interactions with clients that reinforce our commitment to them.

Lindsay Ohman Avery

development manager

Lindsay at Large

Lindsay loves to build things (beyond websites) like costumes and furniture. She is also only here because her Irish great grandmother missed her voyage on the Titanic.

Lindsay at GLG

With Lindsay’s extensive digital experience comes an eye for process and optimization, not to mention a keen sense of balance between site performance and design. At GLG, she aids her team by removing obstacles and pushing toward delivering the highest quality and best value to our clients.

Lori McGovern

people development director

Lori at Large

Lori loves hosting karaoke parties, enjoys glamping (look it up), and is a novice jewelry maker, knitter, and seamstress.

Lori at GLG

Lori brings over 10 years of experience in people development and focuses on right-fit staffing solutions and employee growth. She takes great satisfaction in matching the world’s best creative, technical, and strategic talent with inspiring leadership so that GLG can deliver not just great work, but awe-inspiring work, for our clients.

Daniel Bertrand

aem practice lead

Daniel at Large

Daniel enjoys golfing, camping, hiking and biking in the Boise area and wherever his travels take him. He has done a great deal of volunteering with resettled refugees in the Boise area.

Daniel at GLG

Daniel brings his passion for efficiency, expediency and simplicity along with his breadth of industry experience implementing Adobe Experience Manager. He pushes his team to execute with those same ideas in mind. He has worked with the platform for over 6 years and knows it in and out.

Stephen “Doc” Williams

project management lead

Stephen at Large

Stephen enjoys pushing his children down snow-covered mountains and debating the merits of canoes versus kayaks. His history with emergency medicine earned him the nickname “Doc.”

Stephen at GLG

Before joining GLG, Stephen was a project manager in the corporate event industry, providing technical leadership and enabling live communication. He has implemented Agile development best practices for several complex enterprise web applications. Now the acting office manager for GLG Bend, Stephen provides leadership in GLG’s project management practice with an emphasis on mentorship, process improvement, and consistency in delivery.

Mohamed Elmahdi Saeed

quality assurance lead

Mohamed at Large

Mohamed loves exploring Pacific Northwest unknowns and also holds a killer curiosity for exotic cuisine. He also has a thing for socks and walks around like nothing is off-limits.

Mohamed at GLG

The way Mohamed sees it, digital bugs are the arch nemesis to any high-performance site. So to help move our clients’ brands forward, he is dedicated to delivering bug-free websites with superior browsing experiences. Yup, breaking down and reverse-engineering code is Mohamed’s version of a morning cup of coffee.

Molly Seaverns

director of market strategy

Molly at Large

Molly loves to travel, entertain, and spend time in the great outdoors. A pickpocket in Barcelona derailed a possible career for her with the Department of State but opened a path to brand marketing.

Molly at GLG

Insatiable curiosity and empathy forge Molly’s approach to audience insights and brand development. She leverages over 20 years in product marketing, strategic communications, and international channel development to craft go-to-market strategies that touch customers while delivering high returns on marketing investments.

Scott Scheff

director of user experience

Scott at Large

Scott hails from the Windy City and has been a vegetarian since the early ’90s. He learned to play classical piano from his grandparents.

Scott at GLG

Scott is passionate about defining and delivering the next generation of customer-driven interactive products and services. Proficient in both user-centered and visual design disciplines, he uses the design process to create opportunities for customers to connect and collaborate in new and inventive ways.

Mike Mclvor

senior art director

Mike at Large

Mike’s great grandfather was a metal artisan who designed, built, and helped to install the glass and metal pinnacle that graces the top of Seattle’s historic Smith Tower.

Mike at GLG

Leveraging deep graphic design skills that go all the way back to print (imagine!), Mike offers a breadth of online design experience spanning a wide range of business verticals. Mike believes in sharing an enjoyable, lighthearted project journey with his clients, in addition to delivering an ultimately successful end product.

Norene Sandifer

production director

Norene at Large

A singer, photographer, and book author (The Art of Rock Skipping), Norene also formed a small postcard business featuring photos of old Seattle landmarks, many of which are now gone.

Norene at GLG

Norene’s career as a production manager and producer spans more than 25 years. Since 2004, she has managed campaigns for direct mail, catalogs, brochures, and posters, as well as assets for digital campaigns. She has also produced high-profile national and international on-location photo shoots from Seattle to Rome.

Joe Huber

media director

Joe at Large

Joe is an avid cyclist and eight-time finisher in RAMROD (Ride Around Mt. Rainer in One Day). There is no better way to spend eight hours, except maybe at work.

Joe at GLG

Mike Tyson would be a great media director. He once famously said, “Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.” Like boxing, great media plans react to the moment. Media keeps Joe engaged in people and technology, and looking beyond. Mike Tyson also said, “I don’t understand why people would want to get rid of pigeons. They don’t bother no one.” Joe doesn’t always agree with Mike.

Graeme Hanson

associate creative director

Graeme at Large

Graeme loves a good brainstorm and any donut. His dad once made a bravery badge out of tinfoil and gave it to him for facing his fear of heights.

Graeme at GLG

Graeme started writing at a very young age―taking what he learned in Mrs. Bader’s kindergarten class to companies around the world. In his 10 years at GLG, his words have become a leading voice for brands such as Babolat, Pearl Izumi, T-Mobile, and Philips Healthcare. His parents proudly display his awards in their living room, even though they don’t quite know what he does.

Allen Locke

director of IT operations

Allen at Large

Allen is a cyclist and a cook. He also owns many home-improvement tools and is not afraid to use them.

Allen at GLG

After successful stops at the University of Washington and Boeing, Allen brought his considerable technology talents to GLG. With more than 16 years of service to the agency, Allen is the go-to guy for all things IT, overseeing thousands of digital deployments yearly and injecting accountability and responsiveness into every project.

Kurt Reifschneider

creative director

Kurt at Large

Kurt bashes about on the drums and gets elbow-deep in classic cars. He also ruins everyday dishes by using them as oil paint palettes. But not simultaneously.

Kurt at GLG

In advertising for about 25 years, Kurt began his career as an illustrator but moved to art direction where the concepts were fatter and the work was steady. Kurt loves finding the emotional center of a brand or product, and then telling great stories from there.


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