The Fog of Adobe Cloud

Demystifying Adobe Experience Manager Implementation

Three AEM Implementation Problems—And Their Solutions.

Bad AEM Documentation

When many consultants work on code, they produce fragmented documentation. As a result, you don’t always know which code does what, so it’s hard to make changes to your website.

How we can help

At GLG, when we document code in Adobe Experience Manager, we give it a logical overall structure, so it’s easy to read. We also help you understand your AEM components, so you know how they work.

Too Many Consultants

With a big team of consultants, similar functionality winds up coded multiple ways, depending on the consultant. That leaves you with inconsistent code and less extensibility.

How we can help

We use smaller teams so that everyone will share a unified vision for your Adobe Experience Manager implementation. This helps us to write simpler AEM code, without redundancies.

Oversized AEM Services

Big consultants aren’t forward-thinking software developers. They build highly specialized components that meet your immediate business goals, but that ultimately have one-time value.

How we can help

In contrast, GLG creates code components that are simple and flexible so they can be easily reused to make new pages or updates. Our code meets your needs now and in the future.

The AEM Installation and Management Experts at GLG

Chris Geiser
Cheif Technology Officer

Daniel Bertrand
AEM Practice Lead

The team is led by Chris Geiser, GLG’s chief technology officer, and Daniel Bertrand, GLG’s AEM practice lead. Chris has been in charge of technology at GLG for over 20 years. He has worked with clients across many verticals, creating innovative digital solutions that get them to their business goals. Daniel is a lead software developer and architect at GLG with expertise in AEM. Daniel has been working with AEM for six years—before it was even an Adobe property—making him one of the top AEM experts in the country.

Read Daniel’s recent article on AEM.

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