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As a leader in global logistics, it is critical that Expeditors tell a consistent brand story around the world. Enter GLG. Our partnership began with the overhaul of Expeditors.com to more effectively meet the demands of a global audience. The site has been translated into 10 languages, and we’ve logged thousands of miles to develop diverse photo libraries for a myriad of services and technologies. Work for Expeditors has continued with the brand strategy and launch of the new Koho business line aimed at smaller freight shippers. We’re also relaunching the Expeditors Tradewin website, used to showcase consulting capabilities around the world. As Expeditors continues to evolve, we are committed to providing world-class communications befitting the company’s status as a global logistics authority.

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Telling a compelling, consistent story across multiple business lines has translated into big returns for Expeditors.

Web traffic increased

350% Year over year

New visitors increased

740% Year over year

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