A changing industry calls for adaptation.

Sparking the evolution of an energy giant.

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For nearly 25 years, Quorum developed, integrated, and supported custom solutions for the oil and gas industry. But the industry was evolving, so Quorum enlisted GLG to reposition it as a software company. In order to communicate this bold vision, Quorum needed to change not only to whom it was talking but also what it was saying.

A new strategy was created to reach C-level decision makers. Balancing cutting-edge tech with benefit-driven storytelling, this new direction has come to life in the launch of multiple websites and continues in ongoing campaign work. In addition, a rich reserve of assets for both current and future marketing needs was developed to support and simplify the Quorum story, making both what Quorum does and how it helps its clients clear at a glance.

An energy evolution built on partnership.

Introducing a new Quorum to the world.

The new Quorum has not only produced staggering engagement numbers in key properties but has also increased shareholder value four times, by $600 million.

Twitter engagement increases

322% in the second half of 2017

Mobile audience grows

126% Mobile visitors were on the rise with year over year increase.

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