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T-Mobile is staging a wireless revolution that has killed contracts, simplified plans, built America’s fastest network, and more. The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) has been a partner through it all. Since 2007, hundreds of digital campaigns, online and retail, have helped customers experience a better way to do wireless and vaulted T-Mobile to the fastest growing of the major American carriers. While T-Mobile is 100% committed to its customers, those customers are internal, too. We’ve helped T-Mobile inspire and inform current and future employees with powerful campaigns, social advertising, and influencer programs. No matter the audience, no matter the message, we look forward to making it real.

Engagement surges while costs shrink for T-Mobile.

Disruption at the speed of mobile.

GLG has been the engine behind record-setting web marketing, digital retail engagement, and product launches for T-Mobile year after year, while the only number that has gone down for T-Mobile is the cost of doing business.

Opt-in rate

90% average in 2017

Cost savings

20% year over year

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